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More People Are Choosing to Dine Out. Here's Why

May 5, 2022

Lines at Restaurants Are Becoming a Thing of the Past

Whether the queue is full of office workers waiting to place an order at a busy lunch spot, families are waiting to get seated at a casual dining establishment, or servers are lining up at the POS terminal to send orders to the kitchen, restaurants are always full of lines.

There are plenty of patient people out there, but many just hate waiting in lines – especially when they’re hungry. And for those people, it might seem "easier" to stay home and eat whatever’s in the fridge. But there are a number of technologies that help restaurants cut down on lines (AKA line bust), meaning hungry guests get the food they want faster.

  • Automation: Kiosks allow guests to walk into a restaurant, place an order via a screen, and receive their order. It’s as easy as that.
  • Optimized space: Many restaurants are optimizing their space to allow for different eating styles. Most restaurants and cafes now give guests the ability to order ahead through an online ordering platform and then pick up at their convenience.
  • Handhelds: Handheld POS systems allow restaurant workers to take someone’s order in the line, instead of at the register. Same goes for servers, who can use handheld POS systems to take orders and payment right at the table, so they can avoid running back and forth between the table and a terminal.

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